I was recently faced with the repercussions of the pending vaccine mandates unconstitutionally sweeping our country.  The prenatal care of my unborn child was at risk, and all because I would not receive the vaccine. I am one who refuse to be denied, so I was able to get a doctor that would provide my care. It turned out to be too late, and my family said returned our little angel back to God. This got me to thinking.  What about others who are less assertive than I?  What about those who have fought their entire life that are just too tired to fight another battle?  What about those who just don't know what to do?  What do they do?

As I look at the number of individuals whose livelihoods are being threatened, and the number of parents who will be facing medical neglect charges in the future should they refuse the vaccine for their children, it is no longer enough for lip service.  We need definitive action from those who are in office, .  We need a commitment from them that they will defend and protect us from the tyranny in DC.

Here is how we can do just that:

  • If you are a Registered Voter:  Print the PDF Labeled "Georgia Voter". Read it.  Sign it.  Get it Notarized, and mailed to 1424 Veranda Chase Drive Lawrenceville Georgia 30044



I realize this is cumbersome, and in the technological age, it seems a little "extra".  The reason is simple.  There needs to be no speculation as to the will of the people, and just how many votes are in jeopardy should we be ignored. Opponents cannot paint this petition as being conjured or doctored.  The notary authenticates the will of the people. I realize you lead busy lives, and the extra added step is difficult.  My encouragement to you is that the repercussions for not taking a few minutes to go to your local bank to get a notary could result is little to know medical care in Georgia, a whole host of unemployed people, and the mismanagement even to death of our fellow citizens.  This is no exaggeration.


If you are NOT a Registered Georgia Voter:  Print the PDF Labelled "Out of State Support". Read it. Sign it.  No need for a notary. Mail it to 1424 Veranda Chase Drive Lawrenceville GA 30044.

  • Use the contact information provided below to call your representative, at least once a day, to demand that definitive action is taken to preserve and protect our liberty and freedoms


Governor Brian Kemp

Primary: (404) 656-1776


Georgia General Assembly Senators

Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan

Primary: (404) 656-5030

Georgia General Assembly House of Representatives

Contact information:

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