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The Movement to Destroy the Pain of the Past!

Board Members:  Dave Garwood, Dr. Todd E. Kinnebrew, Gregory Howard, and Surrea Ivy 


Please be advised, the donate button and CashApp associated with the website benefits Surrea Ivy and her campaign for US Congress. Until all State Documents have been finalized, we will not be accepting monetary donations for Georgia Moving Forward at this time.  Donations are scheduled to be accepted by the middle or end of July.  A notice will be sent out at that time.

Georgia Moving Forward was created as an answer to the outcry by the citizens of Georgia regarding the past transgressions of the State through legislative action, programs, training, and social justice efforts.



ENOUGH! Not My Children!

There is a wide spread aggressive campaign to destroy our most precious and vulnerable of society, our children.  Whether it is Humantrafficking, Abortion, or Critical Race Theory the depraved and despicable of society are trying to makes sure this next generation is traumatize all for the sake of control, power, and pedophilia.

This campaign is aggressively opposing this movement.

July 2021.         Critical Race Theory Discussion

This is a divisive and passionate subject for our community.  Here is the chance to hear both sides of the argument from parents, students, educators, and therapist.

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July 2021. Opt Out

What is School Choice?  What are the alternatives available who just want better for their child? Grants etc 

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Georgia Moving Forward

America is great, because we have learned how to blend multi-cultures and races into one area, under one rule, for centuries.  This was not accomplished without great strife and great persecution.  The Horror and pain suffered in that process is not justified; nevertheless, it has created the most admired and sought after country in the world. Many are not benefiting from that truth. One has to ask themselves why? Yesterday only explains the present. It does not get you to your future. This movement is designed to get us to our future.

Slowly, we are watching the hope of America dwindle away, because we don't know how to move forward from the past.  We can't speak for the rest of the world, but as for GA,  we are prepared, and we must move forward or every tear shed on the Trail of Tears, every hanging body in the trees of the South, every dead solider was for nothing.

This movement is designed to address all of the "gaps" in our society. Call us the "Missing Link". Whether it is criminal justice reform or economic equality, we are going to tackle what remains of our past. No more excuses. No more name calling.  No more riots.  No more identifying the issue, but not bringing solutions.  No more capitalizing and profiting on people's pain.  Georgia.  Here's your answer!

Events and Opportunities will be posted here in the next upcoming weeks.  If you want to get involved, or if you would like more information, feel free to reach out.