Convention Aftermath!

"So Surrea, what are your plans now that you are not the Chairman?  I really think you should run for a public office.  We will support you."

I am so honored so many of you thought enough of my ideals that you would consider me someone worthy of representing you.  I take things like that seriously, and I want you to know that my family is taking all of this under advisement.  You will get an answer soon.  With redistricting occurring and so many issues affecting candidates ability to run, I'm going to do what the scriptures encourage, "Occupy until He comes."

Once the lines in the sand have been drawn, and a clear picture of the political climate of Georgia is made known, I will be happy to serve the people of Georgia in anyway that will move us toward the Amercia we know and love.

Meanwhile, I am on an aggressive campaign to expose the tactics of the other side, and to reveal techniques and strategies that will take us out from under the tyranny of the left.  I hope you will continue to be involved and stay connected as I update you on our movement.

What I said from the stage of Jekyll Island, I meant.  I will do everything I can, from the power that I have, to make sure we are not caught with our pants down again! My goal is to get us focused on  the end game, put aside ridiculous grabs for power that is causing us to loose power, and protect the future of Georgians and Americans. The American dream is for everyone, and I am to make sure it stays bright and full of opportunity without oppression for all mankind.  Together we will win.  Now, GA, lets get together.  Enough is Enough!

Surrea Ivy

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