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Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it along in the "bloodstream".  It was must be fought for protected, and handed on for them to do the same.  Ronald Regan


Quite frankly, as a mother, corporate business woman, and wife, I am troubled by the direction those entrusted with leadership are taking America.

There has got to be a return to common sense, servanthood, and intergrity to leadership if we ever hope to preserve and protect the future of the next generation.

We cannot re-write history, neither can we orchestrate truth and fact to fit a narrative that promotes the capitalization of peoples pain for profit.

Censorship must stop!  It is complete communism when a nation refuses to allow the thoughts and ideals of its citizens to be suppressed and ignored. 


Those who violate our trust, disregard our Constitution, and threaten our freedom should be held accountable and confronted for the tyranny they are perpetrating on the people of America. 

All people are created equal, it is time that this ceases to be a mantra for whenever it suits the political agenda, and it becomes the way of life.  No race, and I mean NO RACE is superior to another, therefore, NO RACE should be treated as such.

It time for us to remember and respect our fellow man, and return to a nation that upholds the rule of law, and acknowledge that we are a Republic ruled by the People.

Surrea Ivy, 4th District Congressional Candidate

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